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RCMA | Kendell Harbin
Branding & Web Design

The Roaming Center for Magnetic Alternative (RCMA) is a lending library of over 1000 VHS tapes and video technologies traveling Mid-America to connect with outlying LGBTQ+ populations. An ad hoc media and research center, RCMA provides free screenings, videography workshops and equipment access for communities who wish to uncover and tell their own stories. The research examines the role of archives, sharing economies and self-made media throughout queer history.

Kendell Harbin, the founder of RCMA, reached out to Special Edition Co. to create a flexible identity visual system and web experience for her project. 

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We collaborated with Kendell to create visual mood boards to understand the aesthetic and vibe that she wanted for the brand. She was inspired by VHS cover designs, vintage film, and TV production company logos and contemporary print design.



Guided by our mood boards, we iterated broadly and played with different typography, graphic elements and shapes to ground the mark. We worked closely with Kendell throughout the process to learn what was working and continued to refine. Below are a handful of our concepts.

Round 1 | Color & Typographic Studies

RCMA Branding V01 (8.5.2017)_Page_1.png
RCMA Branding V01 (8.5.2017)_Page_2.png

Round 2 | Logo Iteration

RCMA Branding V01 (8.5.2017)_Page_3.png

Round 3 | Narrowing Logo/Type/Color Direction

RCMA-Branding Color Options V01_Page_2.png

Final Branding Variations

The final branding for RCMA features a logotype, a suite of flexible logo lockups and supporting graphic elements.

The logotype features adapted letterforms, adding a +/- to the R and A, referencing "Magnetic" in RCMA.  There are variations with and without the full name for different applications.


Website Process

We learned about goals and requirements for the website from Kendell, then kicked off ideation by sketching out a site map and very low fidelity wireframes. This analog exploration helped us realize the architecture of the site.


Digitized Website Architecture Wires

RCMA-Website Digital Framework Architecture.png

Final Site Pages